After The Implementation Of The New National Standard For Electric Bicycles, China's Electric Bicycle Industry Ushered In The New National Standard Test.
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Nowadays, Electric Bicycles Are Becoming More And More Important Means Of Transportation And Production In People's Daily Life. At Present, The Social Ownership Of Electric Bicycles Has Exceeded 200 Million, And About One Third Of The Annual Increase Of 30 Million Electric Bicycles Are Used In Logistics, Owned By Couriers And Takeout Brothers.
With The Implementation Of "Technical Specification For Electric Bicycle Safety" (Hereinafter Referred To As The New National Standard) On April 15. How To Focus On People's Livelihood And Promote The Standardized Development Of The Industry? How To Start With The New National Standard And Promote The Innovation And Development Of The Industry? At The 2009 China Electric Bike Summit Industry Forum Held In Beijing, The Related Topics Received Wide Attention From All Walks Of Life.
Innovation Leads To Realize Sustainable Development Of Industry
In The Keynote Speech And Round-Table Dialogue Of The China Electric Bicycle Industry Summit Forum In 2019, Innovation Leadership Is The Focus Of Attention.
It Has Become The General Consensus Of The Participants At The Forum That We Should Seek Momentum For Innovation And Power For Science And Technology.
"By The End Of 2018, There Are 32 Recognized Enterprise Technology Centers, High-Tech Enterprises And Engineering And Technical Research Centers In The Electric Bicycle Industry, Accounting For About 10% Of The Total Number Of Enterprises Of Scale In The Industry. In Terms Of Talents, Electric Bicycles Have More Managerial And Technical Personnel Than Traditional Bicycles; Among Them, The Proportion Of Skilled Workers In The Top Ten Enterprises Of The Industry Is As High As 30.9%. Many Enterprises Have Been Awarded National Recognition For Scientific And Technological Innovation. Liu Suwen, President Of China Bicycle Association, Introduced.
Wang Chenyang, Vice President Of New Japan, Said That In The Production And Manufacturing Sector, The Company Has Been Trying To Make Intelligent Products. In The Production Sector, There Are Not Only Sensors And Robots, But Also Unique Standard Matching Technology.
The Quality And Safety Of Electric Bicycles Are Closely Related To The Vital Interests Of The People.
"We Should Start From The Production Links, Especially Through Technological Improvement And Innovation, And Strive To Improve Product Safety." Sun Huichuan, Deputy Director Of Product Quality And Safety Supervision Department Of The State Administration Of Market Supervision And Administration, Said.
"After The Implementation Of The New National Standard, The Battery Sales Of Enterprises Have Jumped From The Past 100,000 Levels To This Year's Million Levels, And The Future May Be 10 Million Levels." Star Chairman Feng Xiao Said, "How Can We Keep The Bottom Line Of Safety And Quality When We Make Quantitative Leaps?" This Is The Most Basic Direction Of Enterprise Innovation.
Wang Wei, Head Of Emma, Said That The Company Has Invested A Lot Of Research And Development Costs In Safety, Operability And Comfort, As Well As Mileage And Power Performance Indicators.
After The Implementation Of The New National Standard, There Are Strict Requirements For The Weight And Speed Of Electric Bicycles. "Are There Any New Lightweight Materials To Replace Traditional Materials? In Order To Guarantee The Range Of Electric Bicycle, Can We Reduce More Volume To Make Concessions To Battery Capacity? These Innovative Ideas Are All Difficult Problems That We Are Trying To Overcome. Green Jia General Manager Bai Li Said.
Intelligent Drive, Entering The New Field Of Power
Electric Bicycles Are 100% Original Products In China. In The 1970s, The First Vehicle Was Developed In The 1980s And Commercialized In The 1990s. Industrialization Was Realized At The Beginning Of This Century Until It Reached Its Present Scale. Along The Track Of "Development-Perfection-Innovation", From Scratch, From Sporadic Use To Widespread Popularization, And Create Another "World Number One" After Bicycle. China's Electric Bicycle Industry Only Took More Than 20 Years.
"Now By Embedding Sensors In Electric Bicycles To Collect Data, Our Users Are Riding A Total Of 2.4 Billion Kilometers, And 85T Data Is Stored In The Cloud. In The Future, These Cycling Data May Help Government Departments To Improve Road Traffic Congestion. Li Yan, CEO Of Calf Electric, Said.
With The Rapid Development Of Science And Technology, Conventional Products Can Not Meet The Higher Requirements Of Consumers On User Experience And Performance.
"Electric Bicycle Through Electrification, Electronics, Intelligence, So That The Future Of The Entire Industry Has Unlimited Possibilities For Expansion." Chen Guiyao, Chief Operating Officer Of Giant, Said.
The Rapid Development Of Internet Of Things In China Has Also Brought Huge Imagination Space To Electric Bicycles. In The View Of Wang Chaoyang, President Of Shanghai Phoenix (600679), An Old Car Company, The Track Of The Development Of Electric Bicycles Is Intelligent Transportation. "Intelligent Transportation Is A New Subject For Us, Including Parking Data And Traffic Data, Which All Need The Whole Industry To Bear Responsibility Together."
The Takeaway Industry Has Brought Great Convenience To Chinese People's Catering Life. However, With The Implementation Of The New National Standard, Due To The Limitation Of Endurance Capacity And The Elimination Of A Large Number Of Unqualified Electric Bicycles, Qin Dayong, Vice President Of Public Affairs, Admitted That The Takeaway Industry Was Facing A Certain Impact. "In Internal Research And Development, We Should Further Optimize The Intelligent Dispatching System, Through Scientific Means To Save Time For Riders And Not Blindly Catch Up With Time." Such Intelligent Change Is A Challenge And A New Opportunity For Enterprises.
Creating A Better Future For Electric Bicycles
In 2018, The Domestic Production Of Electric Bicycles Reached 32.77 Million, An Increase Of 5.8% Over The Same Period Of Last Year. With The Continuous Expansion Of Urbanization In China, Especially The Continuous Improvement Of Consumption Level And The Change Of Consumption Concept, The Demand For Electric Bicycles Still Exists In Large Quantities.
"Producers Should Be Truly Loaded With Consumers, Return To The Essence Of Two-Wheeled Vehicles, Attach Importance To Riding Safety, Comfort, Maneuverability, Power, Mileage And Appearance Durability." Zhou Chao, President Of Yadi Operations, Said.
New Technologies Are Driving New Business Changes In The Industry. "The Future Of Electric Bicycles Must Be Smart," Said Li Kaizhu, Executive Director Of Hello Travel.

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